Patent Essentiality Evaluation Services

IPEC is a world leader in patent essentiality evaluation services offering an extensive global coverage and a broad technological range: a truly one-stop-shop for your patent essentiality determination needs.

There is an industrial need to provide patent essentiality evaluation services for a broad range of major international standardized technologies so that industry (patent holders, patent users, patents brokers, patent pools administrators, patent aggregators, etc) is able to identify, with a significant degree of confidence, those patents that are certified to be “essential-patents” with respect to a specific international standard.

Basically, “essential-patents” have a substantial monetary value and, additionally provide a critical element in a protective defensive patent strategy for patent practicing entities.

IPEC has the unique experience of undertaking patent essentiality evaluation services in all major countries (those in which patents are normally filed and commercialized by patent practicing entities) and for a very broad range of international technical standards. Effectively, we are here to help patent holders (and others) monetize their patents via a one-stop-shop in a cost effective manner.

It is so easy to interface with a single point of entry in the full knowledge that we have the specialist skills and experience to handle essentiality determinations of your multi-jurisdictional patent portfolio in a broad range of internationally standardized technologies.

IPEC has the specialist skills and experience to evaluate, inter alia, the following dominant internationally standardized technologies:

  • Long Term Evolution (LTE) and Long Term Evolution – Advanced (LTE Advanced) (“4G”): the anticipated most dominant wireless mobile technology to replace 3G
  • WiFi (802.11a, b, g, i, n, etc.)
  • WiMax (802.16)
  • W-CDMA FDD (“3G”): currently the most dominant wireless mobile technology
  • Audio/Video (MPEG, MP3, etc)
  • HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)
  • IETF Internet Protocols

An essentiality determination will be made against the relevant parts of the internationally approved communication standards (ITU, 3GPP, IEEE, IETF, ISO, etc). The IPEC output documentation is published in a standard form comprising a detailed report of the patent essentiality determination including claim charts and an IPEC certificate of essentiality.