About Us


IPEC was formed in 2002 as part of the global telecommunication’s initiative to launch an anti-trust approved W-CDMA Patent Pool. It was recognised that meaningful licensing requires, as a prerequisite, a credible evaluation process and an independent patent essentiality evaluation provider covering all major countries in which patents are normally filed.

As part of the antitrust reviews by the US Department of Justice Antitrust Division, the European Commission Competition Directorate and the Japanese Fair Trade Commission during the period 1999 – 2002 the approvals included acceptance of the IPEC organisational structure and evaluation process.


The professional staff undertaking the patent evaluation are all professional patent attorneys within their respective countries and are experienced in patent essentiality determination for a broad range of internationally standardized technologies.

IPEC has continued to expand over the years to provide the specialist expertise in many more countries.

Under the W-CDMA Patent Pool, as an example, IPEC has evaluated more than 1100 patents from 23 countries/jurisdictions for 14 major international telecommunication manufacturers and operators. During that time IPEC has earned a credible industry reputation globally.

Our focus is exclusively on patent essentiality determination against international technical standards using a rigorous approach; there is no other comparable organisation worldwide offering these one-stop-shop services.

IPEC’s strengths

  • Independence: our work is not influenced by outside interest
  • Global service offering: we can offer services in all major countries
  • Broad technological scope: we have the technical expertise to cover many major international technical standards
  • Global experience and track record: we have evaluated a substantial number of patents in all major countries for many leading international corporations
  • Skilled team: we have a professional team of patent lawyers in all major countries familiar with the usage of the industry-defined evaluation process
  • Trusted partner: we are committed to be a trusted partner with our clients

IPEC members

IPEC is a not-for-profit organization interfacing with a network of 26 patent law firms in 23 countries/jurisdictions:

Country (patent jurisdiction)

Patent Law Firm

Name of Evaluator (patent attorney)


Griffith Hack

Tim Staley


Licks Advogados

Elvira Andrade



Oyen Wiggs Green & Mutala LLP

Gaétan Prince

Gavin N. Manning, Todd A. Rattray



Intebright LLC

Kan Zu

Li Li

Eurasia, Russia Federation

Gorodissky & Partners

Yuri Kuznetsov

Europe, France


Samuel Deschamps,

Adrien Bétrancourt

Pierre Baudin

Europe, Germany

Eisenführ Speiser*

Jochen Ehlers

Europe, Italy

Botti & Ferrari

Mario Botti

Europe, UK

FJ Cleveland

Michael Williams

Hong Kong


Intebright LLC

Kan Zu

Li Li


Anand & Anand

Pravin Anand


Jakarta Patent Bureau

Hilmi Miftahul


Sanada & Associates

Kisaragi Associates

Tamotsu Sanada

Masaru Itami


Marks & Clerk Malaysia

Chris Hemingway


Dumont Bergman Bider & Co., S.C

Diego Alvarado

New Zealand

Ellis Terry

John Terry


Marks & Clerk Singapore LLP

Tim Watkin

South Africa

Hahn & Hahn

Janusz Luterek

South Korea


S&IP Patent & Law

Haechon Michael Park

Samyong Kim, Joonhyung Jun


Lee & Li

Chia-Hsing Lin


Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman

Allen Rubenstein


Pham & Associates

Duong Tu Giang

*Legal Representatives of IPEC