Patent Holder Benefits

What are the benefits for the holders of “essential-patents” in the marketplace?

  • The patent holder will have a credible independent evaluation and certification of its patents. It will know which are truly essential and which not; thus facilitating global licensing or any other form of transaction such as a patent sale, membership of a patent aggregation or a consideration in a M&A deal. Based on experience a high proportion of self-claimed “essential-patents” are often non-essential.
  • Truly “essential patents” have potentially a higher intrinsic monetary value
  • A truly multi-jurisdictional “essential-patent” portfolio can be licensed or sold meaningfully worldwide and used in a protective defensive strategy with a greater degree of confidence
  • There is a substantial reduction in the internal licensing or sales negotiation costs for a truly “essential-patent” portfolio. During most licensing or sales negotiations a lot of time and effort is devoted to proving essentiality or non-essentiality (prospective licensees often try to belittle the patent holders essentiality claims as far as possible). It basically reduces hold-up problems in licensing and sales negotiations.
  • Ownership of “essential-patents” facilitates the identification of potential licensees (users) worldwide by virtue of the fact that they claim publicly their product complies with a specific international technical standard.
  • Some patent holders may lack the resources in time and experience to evaluate all of their patents leading to a potential reduction in revenue generating opportunities.
  • IPEC provides a one-stop-shop for accessing all your patent essentiality evaluation needs irrespective of the county of your patent filings using an industry-defined evaluation process. IPEC services have an extensive geographical scope and a broad technological coverage.
  • IPEC is perceived by industry globally as being competent, neutral, independent and credible. A leader in global patent essentiality evaluation services.
  • IPEC is a trusted partner with competitive prices for rigorous results